Amenities of the apartments and ateliers Entrance doors:

  • copies of a historical wooden door with a door frame, taking into account the requirements of the cultural monuments protection agency
  • door size 900/2200, 900/2100 in accordance with the project
  • safety class 3, with a standard fire-resistance level.

Interior doors:

  • doors height of 2200 mm or 2100 in accordance with the project
  • interior doors sliding or on hinges, smooth or veneered finishing
  • fully or partially glazed
  • door fittings matte/chrome, wooden door frames walls and ceilings finishing
  • high-quality smooth plaster
  • two layers of high-quality white colour, durable painting

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Interior doors and floors standard catalog to download is here: InteriorDoors_Floors_RS_eng

Bathrooms and lavatories:

  • large format tiles
  • bathrooms are covered with tiles to the height of the door frame, in the toilet rooms to a height of 1.5 m
  • several options of colour range are available.

Catalog of bathroom standards, please download here: Bathroom_standards_RS_eng


Non-residential rooms:

  • ceramic tiles, including plinth

Residential rooms:

  • parquet flooring in the living room, laminate flooring in the other rooms, plinth
  • several options of colour range are available


  • without installing kitchen furnishing; preparation of all connections in accordance with the recommended format of the kitchen


  • spiral staircase in two-level apartments, according to the design; steel or concrete structure with wood paneling; lacquered, veneered edge
  • wooden handle; lacquered.

Fireplace design:

  • preparing an area for the fireplace installation in the living room of the penthouse (blind passage at the top of the roof).

Front gardens, balconies, and terraces:

  • concrete slabs of a large format in pedestrian areas, front gardens and roof terraces; outdoor ceramic tiles on balconies
  • locksmith railing with vertical rod panels, hot-dip galvanized
  • outdoor electrical outlet.

Bathroom and lavatories:

  • a sink
  • hanging toilet
  • basin mixer, shower mixer, shower set, and bath mixer
  • shower tray made of cast marble, the size in accordance with the project
  • shower cabins with a shower doors
  • acrylic bathtub or acrylic corner bathtub.

Technical specifications of the building Heating and the hot water preparation:

  • central heating system with an economical and environmentally responsible gas boilers
  • a central heating system for the hot water in the central reservoir loop that enables the instantaneous use of hot water, without limitations
  • remote measurement of individual consumption of heat and hot water in all apartments
  • plastic pipes are installed in the floor and walls in the specially assembled mines
  • underfloor heating all over the rooms
  • flat panel radiators in common areas.

Water supply and sewerage system:

  • plastic pipes are installed inside the floor and walls in the specially assembled mines
  • washing machine connection preparation / dryer, usually in a storage room or in a bathroom
  • frost-resistant water drainage on all terraces
  • drainage surface of the terraces and balconies.


  • gas distribution in the building is limited to the supply from the central gas boiler located in the ground floor.


  • standard separate exhaust shafts in the kitchen and bathroom
  • preparation for the cooking exhaust fen with a productivity of 300 m3/h.

High-voltage electrical wiring

  • electric meters are located on the wall in the metal cabinets at the entrance to the floor in the common areas
  • copper wires, held on the walls under the plaster
  • electric switches are in a white plastic construction
  • outdoor outlets on terraces and balconies
  • lighting output on the ceiling are prepared in all areas, including the lighting output for the kitchen furnishing and above the mirror lighting output in the bathroom.

Low-voltage wiring:

  • Intercom with an access to the electromechanical lock of entrance and garage doors
  • TV antenna of digital terrestrial signals, the radial distribution to each outlet TV + R + SAT in every room,
  • telephone and the Internet connection, key data switchboard, distribution of data to the apartments via double socket that is located in the living rooms
  • prepared for the installation of electronic security systems,
  • EPS – autonomous fire detector in the entryway of each apartment, as well as on the floors.

Building structure Structure:

  • the historical part of the building is a mixed masonry of solid bricks; in the underground, combined with sandstone
  • bottom extension is a «white bath» (waterproofing technology) combined with monolithic reinforced concrete columns
  • the top of the superstructure and the extension wall, is combined system of ceramic blocks or monolithic concrete blocks
  • internal walls, – brick or reinforced concrete slab with acoustic lining of mineral wool
  • overlaps between storeys, – is reinforced concrete.


  • facade of the historical structure from the main street: silicate plaster finishing; the superstructure facade, is insulated with the mineral wool
  • facades in the courtyard: a system of facade insulation with mineral woo dyed with plaster.

Internal partition:

  • brick walls.

The common areas Building entrance:

  • wooden entrance doors; fittings, – matte stainless steel
  • board with door bells from stainless steel.

Entrance hall:

  • mailboxes are from the stainless steel
  • removable textile mats in a stainless steel frame.

Underground parking:

  • underground parking of 11 parking stalls, located in the underground floor
  • remote control doors; from the inside using the control button
  • concrete floor with anti-slip coating
  • two charging station for electric vehicles are prepared in the parking.


  • new passenger lift with a capacity of 8 persons / 630 kg, with a speed of 1 m / s.


  • pedestrian zones and stairs are from the concrete slabs of a large format
  • a courtyard is moderately planted with greenery
  • concrete benches with wooden seats
  • railings and fences are made from galvanized steel, with welded panels; locking doors for private front gardens.

Waste management:

  • the area with waste containers is located in a separate ventilated room in the basement of the building, with an access from the garage.


  • from the ground to the 4th floors, there are restored original stone steps in the entry hall and on the 5th floor the stone restoration is used
  • new staircases with wooden varnished railing

Top of the walls and ceilings finishing:

  • high-quality smooth plaster
  • two layers of high-quality white colour, durable painting flooring
  • high quality ceramic tiles, with a plinth along the walls lighting
  • common corridors, stairs and courtyard are equipped with motion sensors
  • lighting of teh front gardens, terraces and common balconies.


  • facade of a historical building: wooden windows, with double glazing
  • façade from the courtyard: wooden windows with double glazing, profile Euro 68/88, partly solid
  • facade from the cortuyard: glass wall with opening flap, profile Euro 68/88

Annotation The above standards and layouts should be considered as the reference representing the major part of the construction in details. In the case of any changes by the manufacturers and / or suppliers of the materials, the developer PRECO GROUP s.r.o. have the rights to make changes in the above standart while maintaining the same level of quality and functionality of the decisions. Energy efficiency certificate for download  PENB_S28