“Who really needs a street that does not lead to the theatre?”

Until 1922, the Žižkov district was a separate community forming its distinctive flavor by virtue of the pride and independence of its inhabitants, which retains that distinctive characteristic nowadays. It was a cultural center with a variety of theater studios and contained no less than 3 cinemas at the beginning of the 20th century. The first theatre and cinema then took the fancy to this magical place; the street Štítného itself served as a stage for many legendary local films. This fact marked the beginning of the district’s famous story, which can be easily described with a single word – metamorphosis. ..

Constant motion, transformation and growth of this marvelous area inspired us to create a residential project that blends a charismatic spirit of those times with a contemporary force of today. Thus providing an active, single-minded and tasteful YOU with a comfortable home. A place of residence that provides plenty of light and essential comfort as well as a place to unwind while enjoying the luxury of being yourself.

When the door opens and your heart skips a beat..

Modern apartments located in the historical and cultural heart of the city
Private, landscaped courtyard with plenty of light and open space
Underground parking, including parking for electric vehicles

Harmonious fusion of ages: rich historical architecture in conjunction with minimalism and comfort of modern construction

A high demand given to energy-saving technologies of the building construction and apartments’ finishes

A select number of apartments provide you with an additional level of privacy and comfort

A high class of finishes using the recent trends in interior design

REZIDENCE ŠTITNÉHO 28 is a newly built house, with a low repair fund and reasonable operating costs

Unique layout of each apartment allows effectively utilize the whole functional area of the building and the dwellings


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